Marina Skalova

Sa 25.11


Marina Skalova writes poetry, plays and UFOs exploring the black holes between literary genres. She writes in French, Russian, and German and is also a literary translator from Russian and German into French.


Her debut was the bilingual poetry collection «Atemnot/Souffle court» published by Cheyne in 2016, which won the Prix de la Vocation en Poésie and was reissued by Heros-Limite in 2023. This was followed by the essay-poem «Exploration du flux» (Seuil, Fiction & Cie, 2018) and the play “La chute des comètes et des cosmonautes” (L’Arche éditeur, 2019), which was performed or read in numerous theaters in Switzerland, Germany, France, Ukraine, and Austria. In 2020, Marina published the hybrid book «Silences d’exils» together with photographer Nadège Abadie (les éditions d’en bas, 2020).


At BONE W ORT, Marina will read from «Le corps cille,» a multi-lingual book of poetry she is currently working on. It is about a journey through life from a feminine point of view. In vehemently unembellished images, the texts approach a body that gives birth to another body. And a gaze that questions desire and death.


#body #motherhood #heritage

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