Umlaut and change. Expression and articulation. Gesture and sound. The BONE Festival 2023 is dedicated to performative literature and presents text in the context of music, film, improvisation, workshops, communal meals and installation works. Language is understood broadly: German, French and English, sometimes as pure sound.

The present has never had less time to wait than now. W ORT does not seek answers, but rather a shared tentative approach to viable questions. Questions that are primarily thought from the edges of dominance, from automatisms. Questions as dashes into a world where words are tools of warmth.  

BONE Festival


BONE Performance Festival – yearly platform and a meeting point for the national and international performance scene, connects local institutions. As a link between artists of different backgrounds, professionals of the cultural landscape and a diverse audience, it has been an integral part of the cultural scene in Bern since 1998. The production and presentation forms of BONE are constantly being developed and changed according to current focuses and concerns.


This year Regina Dürig, Meret Landolt and Marina Porobic are responsible for the organization of the BONE Festival. They are vigorously supported by Alina Moser (Technical Director), Lisa Jakob (Assistant) and a team of great helpers and staff. Selina Bütler is our grafic designer.

Artistic Director


Curator and host of this year’s edition of the BONE Performance Festival is Regina Dürig, writer, performer and lecturer in creative writing. Regina writes experimental prose, short stories, radio plays, children’s books, young adult novels, and texts for the stage. Her work often revolves around moments of speechlessness and the question of how we want to live together. Recent publications include the radio play «Bon voyage, les fantômes» (SRF, 2023), the children’s book «Maila, Pia und die Schokoladenzwillinge» (Brotsuppe, 2022), and the novella «Federn lassen» (Droschl, 2021). Collaborations with other disciplines are a central part of her artistic practice, especially the Stories & Sounds duo Butterland with Christian Müller and the text-drawing collective DUA with Patrizia Bach. Regina’s work has received many awards, most recently the Culture Prize of the City of Biel.

Executive Board

Marina Porobic studied art history. She has been working at the BONE Festival since 2015 and was the curator of the convent church in Bellelay from 2012 to 2021.