Latefa Wiersch

Su 26.11


Latefa Wiersch is a visual artist. Her installations and performances deal with questions around identity and body in the postcolonial present. In order to investigate what it means to be human in our society, Latefa often constructs clichéd images. In particular, the doll is staged as an inanimate counterpart. 

Latefa’s work has been shown at Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève (2022), Kunsthaus Langenthal (2022/2018), Museum Haus Konstruktiv (2019/2021) and at the Swiss Art Awards (2021/2023). She won the Swiss Art Award in 2023 and the Swiss Performance Art Award in 2022 in collaboration with Rhoda Davids Abel and Dandara Modesto. 

At BONE W ORT Latefa Wiersch, together with Eman Hussein, Shebly Al-Baw and Anna Jazewitsch, will show her new performance «Yellow, or What Nature Implies». It confronts nature conservation with its emergence at the time of colonization – a search for blind spots in our current high-definition imagery of so-called untouched nature.

#body #nature #postcoloniality

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