Annette Schmucki

Sa & Su

Annette Schmucki is a composer working with language as sound material. Her pieces have been commissioned and premiered by renowned ensembles and festivals, including the Lucerne Festival, the Staatsoper Berlin, and the Festival Usinesonore in Neuchâtel. Annette also works in the fields of performance, text, radio play and video. She is currently interested in durations and encounters of words, in the act of turning pages, and in cardinal points.


Besides her solo work as a composer, Annette is active in the artist collectives «blablabor» (since 2000), «band» (since 2010), «die sieben schweinsschwestern» (since 2010) and «kotombola» (since 2019). Since 2018 she is a member of Akademie der Künste, Berlin.


At the BONE W ORT she shows the installation «Wortpaar», which encourages encounters between words and explores the insistent, the fleeting, the absence. From where do the words appear, where do they rest, where do they go?


#language #sound #encounter