Alexey Voïnov with Christian Müller

Su 26.11


Alexey Voïnov is a writer and translator. He has written about twenty books and translated fourty books from French into Russian. Authors such as Yann Andréa, Valery Larbaud, Marcel Broodthaers, René Crevel, and Balthus, who had never been translated into Russian before, became accessible through him.

Alexey is a strong advocate for human rights and the LGBT+ community, as such he translated the works of Hervé Guibert and offered free readings at the School of New Cinema and Moscow’s Sakharov Cultural Center (which has since been dissolved). In 2022 Alexey went into exile in Germany, where he currently lives.

At BONE W ORT he will read for the first time in German from his text «Winter ohne Schnee», which describes his escape as a result of the invasion of Ukraine. The reading will be accompanied by soundscapes by Christian Müller. Christian is a clarinetist and electronic musician, he makes experimental noise (with the band Convulsif), theater music (with director Barbara-David Büesch) and text-sound works (with writer Regina Dürig).

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