Rhoda Davids Abel

Sa 25.11


Rhoda Davids Abel is an artist, poet, and a modern day shape-shifter. Her work as a whole is a contemporary archive that preserves forgotten memories and marginalized narratives, including dreams as well as orally transmitted stories and documentary material.

Rhoda Davids Abel has exhibited at Kunsthalle palazzo (PlattformPlattform) and Kunsthaus Langenthal (Canton Bern/Jura), among others, and won the 2022 Swiss Performance Art with the performance ┬źNeon Bush Girl Society┬╗ in collaboration with Latefa Wiersch and Dandara Modesto.

At BONE W ORT Rhoda will show a video performance that explores a mythical-fantastic bird creature. Through the image of this bird creature, which is on the move its whole life but never arrives home or rests on the ground, Rhoda approaches questions of belonging, identity and culture. The bird, only left with an in between of sky and soil, becomes an expression of historical, cultural and symbolic definitions of what it means to be Coloured

#identity #heritage #postcoloniality

#English #DSGS