Olga Lakritz and Julia Toggenburger

Su 26.11


Julia Toggenburger and Olga Lakritz think out loud, write alone and collaboratively, and do text-music performances together as Duo L$RM. Olga Lakritz spent her youth on spoken word stages, later studying literary writing at the Swiss Literature Institute in Biel. Her debut novel «Das Ampfermädchen» was published this fall by Geparden Verlag.


Julia Toggenburger is a writer, musician, DJ and radio producer roaming the Swiss cultural jungle. She writes poetry and experimental prose and also studied Literary Writing at the Literature Institute in Biel. Her first book of poetry, «Nebelgrenze,» was published by Mäd Book in 2022.

At BONE W ORT, L$RM will present brand new material that makes the inner capital letters heard – with hard-hitting elegance and lissome coolness.

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