Mischa and Ra

Sa 25.11


Ronja Fankhauser (Ra) and Mischael Escher (Mischa) create art projects with images, texts and music. They lead workshops and think out loud. Ra studies literary writing at the Swiss Literature Institute in Biel, writes columns for Das Magazin and has published «Tagebuchtage, Tagebuchnächte» (Lokwortverlag, 2020). Mischa studies at Hyperwerk Basel, makes music, photographs, films, edits audio, designs layouts and more. Both were in the talent program at Gymnasium Hofwil and Hochschle der Künste Bern.

At BONE W ORT Mischa and Ra will share new material from their ongoing audio project «U-R», which deals with queerness, body and transitions. In the project, which won the SONX Förderwettbewerb für Neues, Mischa and Ra set out to explore the blurry places around and between gender – with literary text, music and interviews with genderqueer people. The previous episodes of «U-R» can be found here: https://www.mischaundra.ch/u-r

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