Collectif Aléax

Sa 25.11 / 18:00

So 26.11 / 12:00

Collectif Aléax creates attentive spaces in which experiences and encounters with the dominant culture are collectively made shareable. The collective partly consists of Cassandre Poirier-Simon, Charlie Schaer, Edward Mandry, Ezra Sibyl Benisty, Flor Méchain, Frédéric de Meyer and Romaine Girod.

It began with the anthology «Cuisson au feu de bois,» published in 2021 by Lausanne-based Paulette Editrices in the LGBTQI+ series Grattaculs, which gave voice to experiences of queerness, neurodiversity, rejectionism, racism, and sexism in literary texts. From this publication some of the writers wished to continue the literary-activist work together. In 2021, the Collectif Aléax was thus founded, which has since developed various interventions and interactive formats, including for the Semaine de l’égalité of the Geneva Public Libraries (2022), for the Fesses-tival Geneva (2022), and for the Spielact Festival Geneva (2023).

For BONE W ORT, Collectif Aléax develops playful literary interventions during the two common meals for audience and artists on Saturday evening and Sunday noon. The interventions will be in French, a translation into German will be available in written form. Please pre-book the meal at info@boneperformance.com (vegan with gluten-free option, cost approx. 20 CHF).

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