Workshop with Meret Landolt: DIY a Mini Booklet

Sa 25.11


Meret Landolt likes to mediate. She works as a teacher, art mediator and illustrator. She is interested in when it makes sense to take something apart and when it makes sense to put something together. A while ago, she decided to tackle the embarrassment and discomfort that arises when people don’t know how to respond to her disability. This preoccupation now increasingly feeds into her artistic and activist work.


At BONE W ORT, Meret will be making word booklets with people ages 5 and up. On Saturday, from 1-3 p.m., she will assist in collecting, drawing, gluing, writing and cutting a word booklet to take home at the end. The word booklet workshop will take place at PROZESS. Participation is free of charge. Please register in advance at info@boneperformance.com

Meret is also in charge of the BONE_BOOK. The BONE_BOOK is the anniversary publication of the festival and will be published in spring 2024. In the participatory editorial office of BONE_BOOK, everyone is invited to contribute to the content.

#playfulness #diy #encounter