Workshop with Stefanie Höfler

Su 26.11


Stefanie Höfler is a writer, word addict and language gamer, she writes with great pleasure and precision for readers of all ages. Her most recent books are «Feuerwanzen lügen nicht» (2022), «Die Eroberung der Villa Herbstgold» (2022) and «Waldtage!» (2021), all published by Beltz & Gelberg. Many of Stefanie’s books have been nominated for the Deutschen Kinder- und Jugendliteraturpreis and all of them are great.

At BONE W ORT, Stefanie won’t be reading from her own texts, but making up stories with people ages 10 and up. From 2 to 4 p.m., it’s all about experimenting with words, inventing characters, stories and secrets. Stefanie describes it like this: «We try out different writing techniques, sometimes we just fabulate talking together. And with a little luck, everyone will take home at least one crazy poem or the beginning of a story they wrote themselves…»

The workshop will take place at Chinderbuechlade Bern, 36 Gerechtigkeitsgasse, and participation is free. Please register in advance at info@boneperformance.com

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