SJ Fowler

Sa 25.11


SJ Fowler is a writer, poet and performer who lives in London. His work explores an expansive idea of poetry and literature – the textual, visual, asemic, concrete, sonic, collaborative, performative, improvised, curatorial – through 50 publications, 200 performances in over 40 countries, 4 large scale event programs, numerous commissions, collaborations and more. He is the director of Writers’ Centre Kingston at Kingston University and European Poetry Festival in the UK. 


His most recent publications include «How Do You In Devon» (Moormaid Press, 2023), «Recently Attracted Reality Influencers» (Overground Underground, 2023), «Bab’s London Adventures» (8ox publishing, 2023) and the novella «MUEM» (Tenement Press, 2022). In summer 2023 he was commissioned by the National Gallery (London, UK) to write new poems on paintings of choice as well as interacting and improvising with gallery guides, during three Friday night lates events.


At the BONE W ORT Steve will do a poetry performance, a practice he describes as «playing with the potential of a live literature – with space, voice, interaction, physicality – being in the room, with an audience. Often improvised, but resolutely poetic.»


#poetry #playfulness #improvisation